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Lauren in Chamomile

Service ········· Photography
Category ······ Portrait
Year ······· 2021

These flowers were oh-so tricky. Each chamomile flower wilted within 1 hour of being picked, which left little time for me to wire tie each one onto a bodice. Instead, I had to create a curvature pattern with the wire with little loops to ‘click’ the flowers in place. Lauren and I spent the late afternoon together harvesting flowers from an abundant chamomile patch, placing them in water and walking them to the river. Then I fastened them to Lauren’s body in 5 rows, starting from the neck and down to the hips, layering each set of stems so that they fell behind a row of wire to create a cascading foliage effect and some coverage on her body as well. 🌙 🌿 ✨ 🌼 🦋

2021© Nenah Bondi