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    “Nenah puts so much love and intention into her work. Every project that she and I work on together I feel like I get 100% from her. She is a visionary that brings her intent to life and she is so helpful every step of the process from taking the pictures, to building the site and creating beautiful graphics. I am so thankful for Nenah and everything she has helped me create. She's pure magic!”

    Felicia Burkley
    Founder of Nature Nurture

    “I loved that Nenah wanted to photograph the intimacy of a healing session taking place. She took such honoring and tender photos of this work. Nenah holds such a kind, loving and supportive space. She truly embodies mutually supportive and mindful business practice in such an inspiring way.”

    Dana Penenberg
    Founder of Reiki Ritual

    “Nenah is not only a talented photographer who is able to capture the key moments and vibe of an event, but she is also extremely reliable in getting things turned back in promptly and in a very easy-to-use way for easy downloading and sharing. She created a world-class pitch deck for my event company - made it fun to look at and easy to understand for both myself and potential clients.Nenah is knowledgable when it comes to branding and marketing strategy and she is a joy to work with on a personal level as well!”  

    Corinne Loperfido
    Founder of Pussy Power House

    “Nenah is supremely organized, has a great eye for critiquing design to make it represent a company perfectly, and her social media skills are incredibly engaging. She's able to create a very personable and trendy voice, which is exactly what social media should have for our target market.”

    Tina Pollock
    Senior Social Media Strategist
    for ABC at Horizon Media

    “Nenah contributed many different design ideas and was a huge help with creating various assets for our marketing campaigns. She has a very keen eye and recognizes how to take finished product from good to great. I highly recommend her designing talents and can assert that her social media marketing skills are up to par. She stays current on cultural trends and knows how to best reach different audiences. It was a pleasure working with her.“

    Tiffany Yu
    Project Manager at WeTransfer

    “I'm a professional wizard so you can trust me when I say working with Nenah is a magical experience. I spent more than a year struggling to articulate my brand identity and positioning, then Nenah did an interview with me and laid it all out in a couple weeks. She helped me get perspective on the strengths I couldn't see and perfectly captured the presence I sought to create. But even better than the wonderful results, it was a joy working with her and I relished every step of our journey together.

    Devin Person
    Wizard at Person Is Awake

    “Nenah is a creative genius and I always appreciate her feedback. Any chance I get to work on any creative projects, I think of Nenah first. Aside from working with her on my website, she is also my go-to photographer for events. She truly knows how to capture epic moments. She puts her heart into her work and produces nothing but quality, you’ll be so happy you called her. I especially love working with her because of her professionalism, efficiency and openness to trying new things. I highly recommend Nenah Bondi for any of your creative needs, from photography and design to creative direction, she’s an all star!”

    Lizzy Jeff
    Founder of Zen & Kush

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